Monday, April 18, 2016


GREEN COVE SPRINGS is northwest of St Augustine, Clay County, in Florida known for its natural Sulphur springs.  It is located on the St. Johns River, south of Jacksonville. 

Kudos to the Clay County Animal Care and Control shelter for developing a new Business Cat Program which helps business owners and shelter animals.  Shelter cats are placed at pet-friendly businesses until they find forever homes. The cats get exposure to the public which can increase their chances of being adopted.  The benefit to employers is to see increased productivity and decreased stress among its employees.
Clay County Old Courthouse
Animals first get complete veterinary care, being spayed or neutered and vaccinated prior to a business placement.  Supplies come with the kitty such as food and litter.  Businesses provide a safe enclosed environment, and love and affection from office staff.  Cats are carefully chosen according to the environment with few or lots of people around the business.  A large crate is provided for night time for the cats.
18-hole Eagles Landing golf course
Result: 25 shelter cats recently found new homes during a Super Adoption Weekend.   All potential business cats were adopted.  There is no fee and the cats are considered “borrowed.”
Nature Trail

Tree House for Overnight Camping

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