Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Have You Read About CarePages?

CarePages.com is a free secure private internet space for families and invited friends to form an online support community around a patient. This space can be used to post get-well wishes, upload photos and share info about the loved one’s illness, recovery and/or rehab. Patients can respond online, and family members can communicate with staff.

One family member is designated to be in charge of the space. CarePages currently manages over 50,000 individual CarePages communities with over 5-MM members in 190 countries around the world. Over 500 hospital and health care facilities across the US and Canada are offering their own customized versions of CarePages.

Go to www.carepages.com for a visit.

Saturday, August 19, 2006


There has been a change in how association’s policies are handled by Citizens Property Insurance Company. Previously one policy would group condo buildings together, and now Citizen’s board decided they will treat the buildings separately. A stricter criteria will still apply to individual condo buildings that cost $10-MM or more to replace. This change could save associations thousands of dollars on their insurance premiums. Depending on how the associations decide to use the refunds, either homeowners could receive refunds or the funds could be held in reserve by the association. Rate reductions could be 20% to 30%, but that will still be more than associations paid to Poe Financial Group previously. Change will apply retroactively to any policies issued on or after May 15, which is when Citizens first issued condo association policies using the stricter standards. About 2000 associations are affected. It will take 60-90 days for Citizens to process the refunds.

Friday, August 18, 2006

SINGLE WOMEN HOME BUYERS: A Market Segment to Consider

The Harvard University Joint Center for Housing Studies’ report states that unmarried women (2/3 were previously married) have become a large segment of the home buying population, with 63% of buyers being married couples, 17% being unmarried men, and 20% being single women. Many of the women have children.

While single women average 11% less median income than single men, at $37,000, and while at first the single women do not purchase single family homes, they tend to move up by building their net worth by buying low, selling when the market grows and moving into a larger, more expensive dwelling.
The Women’s Mortgage Industry Network was launched four years ago to help women in their quest for home ownership, and is sponsored by Freddie Mac.

Thursday, August 03, 2006


Boca’s newest nature preserve has opened for bidding for its creation, running from the rear of Sugar Sand Park nearly to the CSX railroad tracks. The company that wins the contract will be responsible for grading, paving, landscaping and irrigation. A kiosk is also planned. School groups can visit here and it will eventually be tied in with Sugar Sand Park. There will be a small parking lot and a pathway to connect the area. Once the contract is awarded, perhaps at the August 22nd City Countil meeting, it will take about 9-10 months to complete, and work might begin this October.