Monday, August 25, 2014


·      Plan ahead: Start about 6 weeks before the move with a file and calendar handy.  Keep details for utility turn ons, copy of contract, lease or mortgage, and other important papers.

·      Get organized: Start with boxes and mark on the outsides which room the items will go to.  List furniture and which room they will go to.  Share with movers.

·      Don't crack under pressure: Keep plates in one piece by stacking Styrofoam plates between each one. Protect glasses by putting them inside pairs of clean socks.

·      Vacuum seal out-of-season clothing: Save space, and put into a storage shelf in your new home.

·      Think of the little things: Keep sandwich bags handy to hold small items that must be taken apart, such as screws for a mounted flat-screen television or a bed frame, and tape the bag to the back of the object. Label bags in case they get separated.

·      Sweet dreams: If it's time to replace an item, do so during the move to avoid extra packing. It might be a good time, for example, to replace an older mattress, pillows and sheets.

·      Green thumb: Transport plants delicately by using a plastic bag to keep all of the appendages safe and prevent snapping.

·      Survival kit: Pack an overnight kit to take and use your first day in the new home.  Put in night clothes, a change of clothes for the next day, toiletries and towels.  Include moving staples, such as a box cutter, paper towels, trash bags and power strips.  Be sure to pack pet’s necessities and a few cans or bags of pet food along with their favorite toys.