Saturday, October 24, 2015


TOUGH these days for you and those you love to find the rental of your dreams at the price you want to pay.  Rentals have gone up in the past year, especially on the waterfront or near a thriving downtown area like Delray Beach or Boca Raton.  Demand is strong from those who want an ocean view to those who want to be near amenities, entertainment and restaurants.

Many prospects call me and give me addresses and MLS numbers for units they saw online… but most are already rented!

When you see a rental you like: GRAB IT or next week someone else will.

One great reason to focus on rentals is that each year you can move to a different  “scenario” and perhaps eventually find where you want to stay, and we at Weichert Realtor, Health& Joseph, have LOADS OF RENTAL LEADS to tell you about.

If you have the information about a unit you want to see, give me a call and let’s go look!  SOME units are negotiable, some are not.  Some take pets, restricting them by weight, some do not.  Some are for age 55+, some are for all ages.

Good luck with your search… let me make your search easier!

Marilyn Jacobs


Weichert Realtor, Heath & Joseph