Thursday, August 23, 2012


According to, a real estate services website, 76% of homeowners in the first quarter believed their home was worth more than the listing price that their real estate agents recommended.   They stated that home buyers usually understand current market value better than sellers who own and live there and many buyers still think homes are overpriced.

They point out that your home is worth what a buyer will pay for it according to current market conditions.  Consider how real estate agents and appraisers establish a selling price or price range – by researching similar homes to yours that recently sold.  Appraisers adjust comparable prices if there is a pool in one property and not in the other, or a remodeled kitchen.  Other factors are considered as well.  You need to see and understand the facts and not use emotions to decide on a list price.

Sellers get offers they think are too low and say, “I’m not giving my house away.”   They should surely then go over market conditions by looking at comparative sales, before turning an offer down after their agent tries to negotiate it up.  “Giving it away” is a myth. 
Buyers look for properties that are new on the market, and early on you have the best opportunity to sell your house.  Buyers want to feel they are getting a good deal.

If you want to sell, dispense with the funds incurred to keep it up, perhaps HOA fees and others, look carefully at the facts your agent presents to you regarding prices.  Buyers look at them, and know the market values.  When you become a buyer, you will also thoroughly research prices of properties you are interested in.

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