Monday, January 18, 2010


The numbers are unique December 2009 traffic amounts.  Before you buy, take a look at each appropriate site and save yourself money, whether buying online or in a store.  There are now thousands of coupon sites, and the sites listed here are offering really good deals.  Today more than ever consumers are looking to save money.  Try store specific sites such as Target and Amazon.  Check out these sites!  Copy URL above to return to this site or left click in white space, right click, click BACK.

Coupons.Com (14.6MM). $300MM worth of coupons printed in 2009.  163 coupons for supermarket and drugstore items to print today. Enter your zip code for local deals. Call your store and be sure they accept these coupons. (9.9MM).   Discounts at 40,000 online stores for toys, clothes, travel, electronics and more. Subscribe to weekly newsletter for Monday best deals.  Refreshes three times a day.  You can be alerted when new codes are posted for your favorite retailers. (3.4MM).  Save up to 30%. Subscribe to newsletter. Many stores featured.  (2.1MM) Coupons and cash back from over 2500 merchants. (1.3MM)  Technology and electronics-oriented and consumer products including groceries.  (2MM members)  Get $25 Restaurant Gift Certificates for $10 at 13,000 restaurants nationwide.  Grocery and drug store items.

Let us know which sites worked best for you for which items. 

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