Saturday, July 04, 2009


According to an article in the July issue of Insurance News Net Magazine, “After Americans lost their shirts in the federally regulated equities market, they were able to find refuge with the guarantees afforded by indexed annuities… Americans who placed over $150 billion in these secure products since 1995 have been sleeping easier at night because of the guarantees.”

Seeking a flight to safety for their reduced holdings, and this includes families who now have one income instead of two, many are placing funds in affordable term insurance, applications for which have climbed steadily over the years.

Marilyn can tell you about term policies that can be converted to cash value universal or whole life policies when you are ready to increase premiums as the economy improves. Meanwhile, your family will be protected. For example Marilyn just wrote an application for a 47 year old male, non-smoker, preferred status, for $750,000. Term is 15 years; convertible. Premium: under $72/month. Premiums will vary with age, tobacco usage and health status. It is predicted that in the future longer term policies will not be available or will be disproportionally more expensive.

Fixed annuities were up 74% for 1Q09 vs. 1Q08. Life insurance applications for the age 60+ group climbed 11.3% in May-09 compared to May-08.

Marilyn Farber Jacobs (561-988-0070) is a Licensed Advisor / Insurance Agent with American Life & Health Group, Inc.

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