Saturday, November 15, 2008


Just approved by City Council: a new 140’ standard for construction with an additional 20’ for decorative and other elements. The building’s density would not increase, so a height increase would require a decrease elsewhere on the structure. The change would allow for more open space, wider sidewalks and more attractive architecture. Downtown is considered between Glades Road and Camino Real, with Palmetto Park Road and Federal Highway. This will give an additional 40’ to the current 100’ maximum. Residents have opposed a “box-like look,” and new designs are expected to offer staggered rooftops to create a more dimensional look, described by Mayor Susan Whelchel as “quality over quantity.” These guidelines will apply to an office building planned for the southeast corner of Palmetto and Federal, scheduled to begin construction in late 2009. This building also would have a boutique hotel with 153 rooms, 105 residential units, a restaurant and retail space.

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