Monday, May 26, 2008


A forthcoming study, Total Cancer Care, that Boca Community Hospital Lynn Cancer Care Institute will participate in, includes association with a major cancer center (the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa), a pharmaceutical firm (Merck & Co) and the state of Florida who will be doing a study that could radically change the way cancer is treated. Moffitt will link with healthcare providers nationwide. Fourteen hospital sites in Florida are participating. The goal of the program is to improve cancer prevention and treatment by using molecular technology to enhance the ability to diagnose and treat patients. Currently tumors can be tested for 30,000 genes which provide molecular fingerprints unique to each tumor. Scientists, by studying these unique molecular structures, will be able to develop individually personalized new drug therapies to enhance treatment responses. With no extra doctor visits, no additional expenses to pay and medical information remaining private, patients that participate in the program will also have access to individualized clinical trials as they develop. 2,500 cancer patients will enroll in the BRCH research program over the next 5 years, collecting tumor, tissue, blood, urine and clinical information at various points of their lives. Focus will be on breast, prostate, brain, lung, pancreatic, colorectal and ovarian tissue. Lynn Cancer Institute is one of the top five largest cancer programs for patient volumes in Florida. Patients are seen by multiple sub-specialists at the same location on the same visit. The newest location, the 98,000 sq ft $73-MM Harvey and Phyllis Sandler Pavilion is scheduled to open this fall.

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