Tuesday, April 15, 2008


A mid-2007 National Association of Realtors survey found that Florida was the leader in foreign home buying at 26% of all international purchases. California was next at 16%, Texas third at 10%. This includes purchase of mid-priced primary residences, luxury vacation homes, investments to rent out, and commercial properties. Being a convenient point of entry to the US from Europe and South American along with warm weather and recreational and cultural offerings were cited as reason for a preference for Florida properties. With the dollar weakness against the euro and British pound, foreign buyers have more purchasing power compared to home prices in other countries, e.g. the UK, Span and Ireland. Florida has 31 major airports and 14 deepwater seaports. According to the US census bureau, Florida gets more than 4-MM Visitors from 100+ countries in a year. In a 2005 FAR survey, 15% of total home sales in Florida were by international buyers. One-third of foreign buyers were from Latin America.

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