Friday, February 01, 2008


“Buyers are coming out of the woodwork,” is what I’m hearing from other real estate agents, and that is indeed true for me as well. I’m working with many buyers on purchasing primary and second homes. Closings are resulting. Some are from the US, and others from countries including Canada, England, and Singapore. I predicted in the past, and reiterate now: “the best buys will be made between now and the early summer… after that the pickings will be left on the market.” Sale prices are on the low side right now, interest rates are low and may go farther down, and there is huge inventory to pick from – A BUYER’S MARKET. Will keep the readership updated in the coming months… Marilyn Farber Jacobs, Realtor, ePRO – Lang Realty & Lic. Mortgage Broker – Iberia Mortgage Corp., Lic. Correspondent Lender

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