Monday, October 08, 2007


Alas, all the sand-renourished beach areas in the county have been returned to the ocean by abnormal winds and tides, leaving behind long buried groins, rocks, tree stumps and revetments. Stairs, lifeguard stands and building foundations have also been removed. Nearby parking areas and parks have been flooded. Millions of tons of sand are gone, ensuring death to the off-shore environment. The sand smothers fragile coral reefs and all life that inhabits them, limiting food sources for sports and food fish, interfering with “catches” for the fishermen. According to the NEW YORK TIMES (10-2-07) the world’s polar areas are experiencing an ice melt so vast that predictions are that by 2013 a blue Arctic Ocean will exist. Would you say this is an exercise in futility, and that Mother Nature wins?

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