Sunday, June 10, 2007


The developer’s plan for 60 units per acre in Briny Breezes is being contested by locals. Hottest issue is the density level. It was pointed out by Ocean Ridge Mayor Ken Kaleel that this complex will be built on “a fragile piece of land,”. The developer offered $514-MM for the 43 acres that includes 600’ of the Atlantic Ocean frontage. Right now there are 12 units per acre with the trailers on the land, and Boca Raton, as an example, has maximum density of 20 units per acre. Some of the issues mentioned include overburdening roads, stretching scarce natural resources, and insurance increases from overbuilding on vulnerable barrier islands. Figures were mentioned that there were 488 existing trailers, and plans are to build 1500 units, either condos, timeshares or hotel rooms. The developer describes that portion of A1A as an arterial road, but the FDOT classifies it as a collector road, which is subject to higher standards. The county is concerned about a bigger need for sufficient drinking and firewater as well as traffic concerns and environmental issues. The developer’s preliminary proposal is being reviewed and expected to be finished June 29th, when further debate no doubt will begin. For comments on the proposal you can email Robert Dennis, Regional Planning Administrator at

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